An established retail and fashion industry in India has leveraged RPA to eliminate their manual activities and streamline their processes.

Pre-automation Process

A few key accounts identified an important Sales channel for the company. Sales Reports from this channel need to be presented in a specific format for management’s review and prepared for the direct update to their other databases. Due to time constraints, however, this was carried out as a weekly activity and it was completely manual.

By introducing an Unattended Automation solution for this business use-case, the reports could now be prepared completely in an automated way, much quicker and with 100% precision. Also, it can be made available daily and on-demand.

RPA Objective


Automation Process

  • Customer’s sales data available portals need to be downloaded in excel format and information from emails needs to be extracted
  • Data calculations like inserting additional columns, new formulae, lookups, and other calculated data to be done in spreadsheets and put in the required format
  • Required data for all accounts consolidated in on-demand/daily consolidated reports
  • Information is sent to stakeholders via Email
  • Reports created are in DB upload ready format
  • Reports are also placed in FTP location and uploaded to Gdrive for business user’s consumption
  • Daily deviations and daily statics report


The business objectives and benefits expected by the Business after automation of the selected business process are: 

  • Reduce processing time
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Process streamlining
  • Data available daily 

RPA used Uipath using following the below approach to ensure business exceptions coverage and data processing: