We are authorized re-sellers and implementation partners of Automation Anywhere and UiPath.

We resell licenses for the plethora of products and services of UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

RPA Implementation and Support

Building a strong digital core and modernizing enterprise applications by building robust RPA solutions forms the basis of RPA Implementation.

At NeeliTech, the implementation process follows a standard tried and tested methodology backed up by a heavily researched and implemented Pilot program. Every iteration is dealt with as a mini project in itself and the detailed automation build is presented for multiple testing and review before moving to production.

Our RPA experts can help you build a smarter enterprise to avoid disruption and reinvent your business for the future.

An in-depth knowledge and exposure to RPA technology is essential to make informed Business Process decisions and implement robust Process Automation solutions. Hence, NeeliTech focuses on fostering and deploying expert teams of RPA certified engineers who are adept at learning new capabilities of the disruptive technology, whose dimensions continue to grow, evolve and diversify exponentially.

NeeliTech also offers guidance to new aspirants to start a career in process automation and become certified professionals.

Proof of Concept / Pilot Program

An idea taking form and shape, giving you a complete quantitative analysis is essential to take technology driven decisions in any Business. A PoC clearly defines what needs to be achieved and to what level.

NeeliTech team will work with you and simulate process automation across select components of your choice. The BOT demo of the chosen subset of intelligent automation will give you a pragmatic picture of the business impact in terms of ROI, scalability, price and timelines.

Time-to-market for software is shrinking faster and faster. NeeliTech understands your need for a quick POC.

A special PoC team of expert RPA engineers will work with you from Day 1, analyse the requirements and provide the best automation solutions. The same team plus an extended wing of RPA certified experts will continue to work with you later.


Process Automation of your company is complete and sustainable only when you build an RPA Center of Excellence.

Creating an RPA COE is a smart and cost-effective way of automating processes within your organisation. It is an excellent way of building an RPA nucleus for identifying, analysing and implementing process automation BOTS quickly and efficiently!

NeeliTech Automation Anywhere team of certified Business Analysts, BOT developers, Admin and Tech support is all set to build a dedicated Process Automation COE at your enterprise and integrate RPA into your core Business processes.

Build your own RPA COE with NeeliTech and empower your Business!

RPA Consulting

NeeliTech offers in-depth analysis of RPA requirements of your Business. This is the starting point of the RPA journey of any Business, where we together discuss and understand various processes involved and develop an efficient Process Automation Strategy which works best for your enterprise.

RPA is a disruptive technology. Adopting RPA means finding answers to a wide range of questions that need to be asked at the start line. Rest assured, NeeliTech’s team of experts will help you find the best answers, that will initiate RPA to boost your Business.

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